Dr. Buhrman

When you work with a gifted chiropractor like Dr. William A. Buhrman you will experience true chiropractic wellness that lasts a lifetime. Not just temporary relief.

The benefits that you receive from other chiropractors in the past probably have been short-lived. With most other chiropractors the adjustment that you receive might make you feel better for a few hours or a few days, but what happens after that? Do you simply make another appointment? Do you really want to be in a cycle of pain and relief?  No!

Pain relief for good! Choose Dr. Buhrman and that is exactly what you’ll get!

True chiropractic wellness is not a “rinse and repeat” form of treatment. You don’t just turn to your local chiropractor whenever you are in pain. Instead, the techniques used to achieve chiropractic wellness are designed to permanently change the way that you move, the way that you feel, and the way that you live. That way you will feel less pain all of the time, not just when you’re sitting in your last chiropractor’s office.

Experience the difference between proactive and reactive chiropractic treatment when you decide now to schedule an appointment with us.

When you work towards true wellness chiropractic, you don’t just sit around and wait for the pain to come back. Instead, you and your Dr. Buhrman will come up with a plan to eliminate the current pain that you are undergoing and prevent future pain altogether. With proactive chiropractic treatment you and Dr. Buhrman will work as a team. The two of you will start by discussing your health concerns and your ultimate health goals. Then together you will come up with a plan to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Compare that to the average chiropractor who simply has you point to where it hurts, cracks a few joints, and sends you on your way until the next time that you were in pain. This approach is not proactive, it is reactive… And no way to live!

No matter what kind of wellness plan that Dr. Buhrman comes up with, you can rest easy knowing that it will be crafted carefully to prevent pain, rather than just waiting to deal with pain when it strikes.

Dr. Buhrman uses his years of experience and the latest in chiropractic technology to help you to come up with a specific plan for chiropractic wellness. This might involve soft massage therapy, stretching, chiropractic care and by you deciding now to change your diet and lifestyle.

You simply cannot get these kinds of extraordinary benefits from any other chiropractor.

For extraordinary benefits and pain relief now call to schedule an appointment. We have flexible hours and two locations making it easier than ever for you to make it to your appointments. 727-796-2273

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