• Do you deserve to be in pain?...when wellness is so easy to achieve?

    • Experience the positive results that our approach to holistic wellness will have to your health.

      Holistic approach to wellness. In order for the chiropractic services that we offer to return the greatest possible results you have to decide to change your bad habits. Most ailments can be avoided altogether when you decide to take better care of your body, exercise, focus on remaining positive, eat nutritious food and correct any musculoskeletal problems right away when they arise.

      Here at Peak Performance Health we take a holistic approach to chiropractic care, massage and pain management. By improving your overall health to prevent pain in the first place.

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    • When most people think about chiropractic care they think of a chiropractor cracking a person’s back. Chiropractic care is much more than that. Chiropractic care is a drug-free, hands-on approach to better health.

    • You have just discovered Pinellas County’s leader in advanced pain management. For over a decade Dr. Buhrman has been helping the residents of the local community to not merely cope with their pains, but to overcome their pains and to heal.

    • Are you looking to find an emergency chiropractic office in the community that will be able to deliver you from your aches and pains? Look no further because you have just discovered the area’s top-rated emergency chiropractor.

    • We specialize in family chiropractic for all of your specific needs. No matter what your pains are, or how long that you have had them, we will get you back on to the path to recovery.

    • Problems with your feet can throw your whole body out of alignment. Many back problems that people have are the result of foot problems. Over time if your foot care needs are not corrected your body’s alignment and foot problems will get worse.

    • Here at Peak Performance Health we focus on the “whole person” and not just the symptoms of the pain that you are feeling. – We believe that the overall health of a person is dependent upon the whole body and mind staying healthy.

    • Numerous patients turn to instrument adjustment technology after undergoing a failed surgery which speaks to the effectiveness of the method and why it has become the standard among credible chiropractors.

    • Are you looking for massage therapy in the local area that you can come to for regular sessions? Do you need a natural way to relax? How about a back massage to get out the stress of the work week?

    • Instead of your chiropractor using their traditional chiropractic training and intuition to determine whether your spine is hypo-mobile or hyper-mobile the ProAdjuster will isolate the cause of the pain that you are having, more accurately and faster.

    • We have sports chiropractic treatment options for sports injuries that are beneficial to everyone. From amateur athletes, professional athletes, to gym goers, your sports injury is no match for us!

    • In most cases in order to achieve true chiropractic wellness, you have to work at it. You can’t always expect amazing, permanent results from just one appointment. That is why Dr. Buhrman reviews every case in great detail.

    • We are committed to providing you with lasting chiropractic care and massage therapy.

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