• Introducing Pinellas County’s leading upper cervical chiropractic office.

  • Our gentle non-invasive approach to upper spinal stenosis and cervical spondylosis will leave you feeling a renewed. Finally start feeling good again! With over a decade working with patients in the area and years of extensive training Dr. Buhrman brings compassion and hope to your condition.

    Upper cervical chiropractor with immediate relief. Relief is on its way!

    With most cases you will experience some level of immediate relief. Other cases might take multiple visits. – One-way-or-another we will get to the bottom of your upper cervical chiropractic needs. Perseverance is a way of life here at Peak Performance Health.

    Do you remember how you used to feel before you needed an upper cervical chiropractor? In no time at all Dr. Buhrmans intuition and training will get you where you want to be. On the road to recovery.

    What are you waiting for? Hire our upper cervical chiropractic services by calling us now to make an appointment to see Dr. Burhman.

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