• Are you looking for a more gentle approach to eliminate pain when you visit your chiropractor?

  • Imagine just 100 years ago there was not antibiotics, complicated surgeries and the medical technologies that we have today. We live in wonderful times! If someone would have told you 100 years ago that computers would rule every aspect of you life you probably would not have believed it. Today technology is a way of life.

    Introducing the ProAdjuster. Leaps and bounds in innovation and chiropractic care.

  • Another chiropractic option that you have when you decide to visit Peak Performance Health is Pro-Adjuster chiropractic. The ProAdjuster isolates that location and the cause of your pain. It then “unsticks” the discs in your spine to eliminate the pain that you are having.

    How can something as gentle as Pro-Adjuster chiropractic be so effective?

  • The ProAdjuster utilizes a light force to measure precise levels of motion within your spine. Instead of your chiropractor using their traditional chiropractic training and intuition to determine whether your spine is hypo-mobile or hyper-mobile the ProAdjuster will isolate the cause of the pain that you are having, more accurately and faster. The end result is a higher quality chiropractic care for you.

    Pro-Adjuster chiropractic is for anyone that wants to feel less pain and to improve their mobility. The ProAdjuster is for you!

  • If you are looking for a non-invasive chiropractic treatment that will help you to get immediate results then Pro-Adjuster chiropractic is for you. Chiropractic analysis on a whole new level never conceived before. Ask Dr. Buhrman how Pro-Adjuster chiropractic will help you.

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