• Holistic Medicine

  • Holistic medicine is revolutionizing modern medicine. Will you be around for the ride?

  • In today’s world you are being bombarded with negative external stimuli brought about by materialism, stress of maintaining a job, dysfunctional family life, poor nutrition, chemical dependency and lack of exercise. With so many outside stressors it is easy to see why so many people’s bodies are breaking down.

    Just like your back needing periodic adjustments so too does your mindset.

  • When your body and mind is stressed for long periods of time your body and mind cannot properly heal – and will begin breaking down. This downward spiral is a degenerative process and gets worse with time if the appropriate measures are not taken.

  • Not just treating the symptoms. Correcting the underlying problems causing the symptoms.

    Here at Peak Performance Health we focus on the “whole person” and not just the symptoms of the pain that you are feeling. We believe that the overall health of a person is dependent upon the whole body and mind staying healthy. Our holistic philosophy relies not just on our chiropractic care and massage therapy services to heal your body. – Putting particular emphasis on nutrition, positive mental attitude and emotional healing.

    Since allopathic medicine is primarily a “treat the symptom” form of medicine proponents of allopathic medicine have had difficulty accepting holistic medicine. But the positive results returned by medical studies in recent years cannot deny the benefits that holistic medicine will have towards your overall health and healing.

    Noninvasive – Avoid surgery and toxic pain medication.

  • Holistic medicine is considered non-invasive, meaning that surgery and harsh prescription medications can in many cases be avoided. The primary goal of holistic medicine is to rely on the extraordinary healing ability of the human body to heal itself. – With proper nutrition and a positive mindset holistic medicine will improve the effectiveness of the fighter cells in your body and will help to make your immune system more powerful.

    Holistic medicine brings about faster healing. – Feel better sooner!

  • Dr. Buhrman is one of the leading holistic health professionals in the area. When the holistic health care services that he recommends is combined with the chiropractic care, laser therapy and massage therapy that our holistic care center offers you can expect greater recovery from a wide variety of disorders and pain. An estimated 25% faster healing times for sports related injuries!

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