• Foot care the foundation to whole body pain relief.

  • The human foot is a marvel of Mother Nature with the ability to handle hundreds of pounds of high impact force day after day. With 26 bones, 42 muscles and 33 joints it is not surprising that most people over the span of their life will develop some sort of foot problem.

    Foot pain relief is whole body pain relief.

  • Problems with your feet can throw your whole body out of alignment. Many back problems that people have are the result of foot problems. Over time if your foot care needs are not corrected your body’s alignment and foot problems will get worse. Maintaining foot health will not only alleviate foot pain, but will improve your overall spine health.

    Years of successful foot care treatment. Proven foot pain relief for our happy patients.

    Here at Peak Performance Health our foot specialists have extensive medical education and understand the causes of all of the different foot problems. We have the perfect foot care remedy for you. Let our foot health professionals alleviate the foot pain that you are having. We have brought extraordinary foot pain relief and correction to the patients that we have helped over the years.

    Foot orthotics and orthopedic inserts.

  • Custom orthotics will make one of the greatest improvements to your posture and spine health. The small investment that you make towards the purchase of orthopedic inserts will improve your stride and lessen the negative impact that your foot problems are making to your body. We will custom design your new custom made orthotics to suit your exact specifications. An investment into your overall health.

  • Your feet will feel rejuvenated with our foot massage services.

    Our foot specialists are experts at foot massage therapy to get your feet back to feeling good again. – And the custom orthotics that we will make for you will get you back into shape quick. *Ask Dr. Buhrman about our custom made orthotics. Call us right now to book your appointment. 727-796-2273

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